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How to Order:

1 - Write down the #'s and price of the cards that you are interested in. Email me that information and I will reply with a total and instructions on payment.

2 - I ship USPS First Class or Priority Mail.  Feel free to combine items to save on postage.

3 - Have Fun. Stop back.!!!

4 - Feel free to email me with any questions.


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#il50, [Antioch] "Lotus Beds, Grass Lake, Antioch, Ill." Real Photo. Used, pm 1921. Photo is  faded, see picure. There is a slight stane in the upper right corner and some corner wear. $6.00

#il08, [Bloomington] "University Hall, Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Ill."  Undivided back that says "Act of Congress, May, 1898". No publisher.  Unused. EX+ Slight corner wear. $10.00 [University]

#il13, [Bloomington] "The Home of the Wedding Ring    11590    J. F. Humphreys & Co., Bloomington Ill." S. H. Knox. Used. PM 1910 VG+ some corner wear and writing on front. $4.00

#il19, [Bloomington] "McLean St. East of Franklin Park  Bloomington, IL   2523  Residences of Ex. Governor Fifer, Senator Frank Funk, Ex. Vice Pres. A. E. Stevenson." S. H. Knox. Used. PM 1909 EX some corner wear. $6.00

#ill02, [Brookfield] "152 -- Entrance, The Chicago Zoological Park at Brookfield, Illinois", The J.O. Stoll Co./Curteich.  Used pm 1947.  Card is in VG+ Shape.  Front of card shows some corner rounding, Back of card is written on and the address has been scribbled out.  $2.00

#ill47, [Brooklyn] "Crooked Creek, Brooklyn, ILL." Early Real Photo, No publisher. Used, pm 12/26/1907. The image on the face of the card is faded, see scan, otherwise EX with very slight cornere wear $5.00

#il11, [Champaign] "University of Illinois Armory"  Early Era, Used PM 1910. No publisher. EX+ Slight corner wear. $5.00 [University]

#il43, [Champaign] The Illini Union, University of Illinois. Chrome, Es-N-Len Photos/Mike Roberts C36966. Unused. EX+ Very Slight corner wear. $4.00 [University]

#il58, [Champaign] "I'm Pursuing my studies at Champaign and can't stop to write." Leather Postcard. Used, Chi & Carbondale R.P.O, 1907. No publisher. EX+. $15.00 [University, Postal History, RPO, Leather]

#il59, [Champaign] "A Mascot From Champaign." Leather Postcard. Used, 1906 Champaign ILL. pm. No publisher. EX+. $10.00 [University, Postal History, Leather]


#il29, [Cicero] Klas' Restaurant. Chrome. H. S. Crocker. Unused. EX+ slight corner wear. $3.00

#il82, [Danville] "The Bowling Ball.  For the Finest Relaxation in Danville Illinois....." Real Photo/Chrome?. Genuine Photograph "Groganized".  Unused.  EX+ Very Slight corner wear. $9.00

#il72, [DeKalb] Davis Hall, Norhtern Illinois University. Chrome. Es-n-Len 7377   153265. Unused. EX+ Very Slight corner wear $4.00

#il38, [Dixon] "Dixon National Bank  1911 Calander". Early Era/Undivided Back Advert. No Publisher. Used, pm 1911. EX+ slight corner wear stamp removed. $10.00

#il18, [East St Louis] "First M. E. Church. East St. Louis Ills.". Undivided Back.The St Louis News Co #A372. Used, pm 1906.  EX some corner wear. $6.50

#il78, [Elgin] "One of Our River Views, Elgin, Ill." White Border. BishopPublishing 47988. This has a hole punched in it and a ribbon tied to it and two blank pages, possibly to be used as a bridge score pad. Unused.  vg+ slight corner wear. $2.00

#il05, [Evanston] "E-1661--Scott Hall, Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill".   Curt Teich"  Linen. J. O. Stoll/Curteich   1B-H1383.  Unused.  EX+ Very Slight corner wear. $3.50 [University]

#il85, [Evanston] The Homestead Hotel. Chrome. Curteich. Used, pm 1956.  EX+ Slight corner wear. $3.50

#il45, [Fulton] "3238  High Bridge, Fulton, Ill.    Pub. By John B. Hanson" Early Era. Used. 1908. EX with general wear, see pic.  $4.00 [Bridge]

#il56, [Galena] "Dining Room In Gen.U. S. Grant's Home, Galena, Ill   2321-C" White Border. E. W. Kempter/C. T. American Art. Unused. VG with general wear and discoloration on face, see pic.  $2.00

#il07, [Kankakee] "Ills. Eastern Hospital for the Insane, Kankakee, Ill."  Early Era Divided back. Roy & Rondy/Koeiling & Klappenbach   No. 549  111508.  Used. PM 1908. EX+ Very Slight corner wear with writing on the front. $8.50 (31) [Hospital]

#il23, [La Salle] "New Post Office, La Salle, Ill". White Border. Paul R. Vogel 2117  R-70083. Used.  VG+ corner wear. $2.50

#il51, [La Salle] "Horseshoe Canyon, Starved Rock, La Salle County, Ill." Early Era. Western Novelty Co. #13. Used, pm 1912. EX with some corner wear. $5.50

#il52, [La Salle] "Horseshoe Canyon, Starved Rock, La Salle County, Ill." Early Era. Western Novelty Co. #12. Used, pm 1912. EX with some corner wear. $5.50

#il73, [La Salle] "Little Deer Canyon, Starved Rock, La Salle County, Ill." Early Era. B. Sebastian, No. 168. Used, pm 1908. VG with torn corner and other corner wear. $3.50

#il83, [Lisle] "St. Joseph's Orphanage, Lisle, ILL. -Sirptcinec Sv, Sosefa, Lisle, ILL." White Border. Unused.  EX+ very slight corner wear and discoloration on face. $8.00

#il22, [Macomb] "St. Francis Hospital, Macomb, Ill." Early Era. Little Bookstore. Used, pm 1907. EX+ Slight corner wear. $7.00 [Hospital]

#il86, [Moline] "'Inn' Cambell's Island". Early Era. Rock Island Post Card Co. #72. Used, pm 1908. EX+ Some corner wear. $7.00

#il31, [Normal] "Souvenir of Normal, Illinois" Early Folder. No Publisher. Unused. EX+ Some corner wear. $5.00 [Universities]

#il69, [Normal] The Baby Fold. Chrome. Randall's Inc./Colourepicture Pub. P8784. Unused. EX+ Some corner wear. $5.00

#il53, [Paxton] Wylie Memorial Carving, First Methodist Church. Chrome. Custom Studios, #7715 copyright 1964. Unused. EX+ with very slight corner wear. $5.00

#il10, [Peoria] "Partial View of the Famous 'Caterpillar' Tractor Co., Peoria, Illinois       6A-H822"  White border linen. Peoria Candy Co/Curteich.  Unused. EX+ Some corner wear. $5.00

#il32, [Peoria] "Greetings from Peoria Illinois" Linen Folder. Hartman Bros./E.C. Kropp Co.  Unused. EX+ Some corner wear and pin holes. $5.00

#il39, [Peoria] 1940's Post Office, Chrome. Hartman News Agency/Dexter Press K-179-D-3  45436.  Unused. EX+ Some lines in photo at upper right. $3.00

#il40, [Peoria] "Playground Area, Bradley Park, Peoria Illinois" Linen. Hartman Bros./E.C. Kropp Co. 8859N  Unused. EX+ Slight corner wear. $5.00

#il41, [Peoria] "Cedar Street Bridge From Bank of Illinois River, Peoria Ill." Linen. Hartman Bros./E.C. Kropp Co. 9616N  Unused. EX+ Slight corner wear. $5.00

#il49, [Peoria] "Air View of Peoria Illinois." Linen. Peoria Candy Co./Curteich. Unused. EX+ Slight corner wear. $5.00

#il15, [Quincy] "Government Building ~ Quincy, Ill."  Very Early Divided Back. No Publisher.  Unused with writing on the face, Dated Oct 18, 1907. EX Some corner wear, slight bend in upper right from album and signs of mounting. $5.50

#il21, [Rantoul] "Officers Row, Chanute Feild, Rantoul, Ill.  0B-H1561" Linen. Unused. EX+ $5.00 [Military]

#il44, [Rantoul] "Post Headquaters, Chanute Feild, Rantoul, Illinois.  1B-H1133" Linen. Curteich. Unused. EX+ Slight edge and corner wear. $5.00 [Military]

#il46, [Rantoul] "Interior, Main Mess Hall, Chanute Feild, Rantoul, Ill.  0B-H2628" Linen. Curteich. Unused. EX+ Slight corner wear. $5.00 [Military]

#il66, [Rock Grove] "A Message From Rock Grove. Where Living is Worth While." Early Era. No Publisher. Used, pm 1913.  EX some corner wear. $2.50

#il24, [Rock Island] "Government Bridge to Rock Island, Ill.". Linen. Rock Island Postcard Co. Used, pm 1925.  EX some corner wear. $2.50

#il80, [Rockton] "The Wagon Wheel, Rockton, ILL." Linen. Curteich.  6B-H1897. Unused. GD some corner wear and a bend on left side. $2.00

#il03, [Spring Valley] "Illinois River Bridge  Spring Valley, ILL,  L-125" Real Photo. EKC in stamp box.  Used pm 1948. EX $5.00

#il12, [Springfield] "Bird's-Eye View of State Capitol, Centennial Building and Supreme Court Building, Springfield, ILL.   1A-H157"  White Border Linen. Used. VG+ Some corner wear. $1.50 (94) [State Capitol]

#il28, [Springfield] "U. S. Post Office, Springfield, Ill.   0A4810-N"  White Border. Unused. VG Some corner wear and bend in upper left. $1.50 [Post Office]

#il27, [Springfield] "Lake Springfield, Behind The Spaulding Dam, Springfield, Ill.   8A-H1602"  White Border Linen. Unused. EX+ Slight corner wear. $3.50 [Dams]

#il33, [Springfield] "Souvenir Folder of Springield and New Salem State Park, Illinois"  Linen Folder. Curt Teich copyright 1939. Unused. EX+ Slight corner wear. $6.50

#il48, [Springfield] "Wild Game Bird Exhibit, Illinois State Fair Grounds, Springield, Ill." Early Era. V. O. Harmmon Pub. No. 1740. Unused. EX+ Slight corner wear. $6.50

#il67, [Springfield] "Lincoln Tomb, Springfield, ILL.--28    Time Savers Easy Correspondence Card." Early Era. E. C. Kropp/ H. N. Shonkwiler  5151. Unused. EX+ Slight corner wear. $4.50

#il26, [Starved Rock] "Lovers' Leap and Illinois River Near Starved Rock. Illinois State Park. 24306-r. Early Era. C. R. Childs. Unused. EX Some corner wear and slight signs of mounting. $4.50 [State Parks]

#il63, [Utica] The Lounge, Starved Rock Lodge. Chrome. M. & M. News/Curteich. Used, pm 1963. EX Slight corner wear. $4.00 [State Parks]

#il70, [Winnetka] "East Sun Porch, Overlooking Lake Michigan, North Shore Health Resort, Winnetka, ILL.   16327". White Border. Curt Teich. Unused. EX+ Very slight corner wear. $SOLD

#il34, [Quad-Cities] "Souvenir Folder of the Tri-Cities   Davenport, Iowa  Rock Island and Moline, Illinois"  Linen Folder. Curt Teich D-3805. Unused. EX+ Slight corner wear. $6.50

#il75, [Misc] "Aerial View and Oasis on Illinois Tollway". Chrome. Fred Harvy 1DK-1514. Used, pm 1964.  EX+ slight corner wear. $3.00

I have a large inventory of postcards so if you would like anything special,  e-mail me and let me know.

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