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1 - Write down the #'s and price of the cards that you are interested in. Email me that information and I will reply with a total and instructions on payment.

2 - I ship USPS First Class or Priority Mail.  Feel free to combine items to save on postage.

3 - Have Fun. Stop back.!!!

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Chicago, Illinois

#il01, [Chicago] "The Stevens - Overlooking Lake Michigan - Chicago"  Linen.  Shows The Stevens and the lake front with a nice skyline.  unused.  EX $2.50  (x2) (Hotel)

#il42, [Chicago] "Stevens Hotel -- Chicago"  White Border. American Colortype. Unused.  EX $3.50 (Hotel)

#il09, [Chicago] "World Famous Restaurants   College Inn Porterhouse    Well of the Sea" Shows the Sherman Hotel, Home of Tommy Bartlett's 'Welcome Travelers Show'.  No publisher.  Unused. EX Some corner wear. $2.00 [Hotel] (X3)

#il06, [Chicago] "The Sheraton"  Linen. Colourpicture K 1637, Shows The Sheraton and lakefront.  unused. VG Slight corner wear $2.50 [Hotel]

#il14, [Chicago] "Palmer House"  Linen. Unused. EX+ Slight corner wear $3.00 [Hotel]

#il54, [Chicago] "The Palmer House"  Chrome. Used, 1979. EX+ Slight corner wear $3.00 [Hotel]

#il70, [Chicago] The Museum of Science and Industry  Chrome. Used, EX+ Slight corner wear $3.00

#il04, [Chicago] "Chicago. The Illinois Tunnel."  Undivided Back.  Shows Tunnel and Freight cars.  Raphael Tuck and Sons, Series 2206 Chicago.  Used, pm 1906.  VG Some edge wear, Very collectible. $2.50

#il20, [Chicago] "International Glass House Restaurant". Linen. No Publisher. Used, pm 1947.  EX slight corner wear. $3.50

#il17, [Chicago] "McKaycraft Lounge -- Hall of Science - The McKay Company, Pittsburgh, Pa.  4A-H975". Linen. Curt Teich. Unused.  EX+ Very slight corner wear. SOLD

#il30, [Chicago] "Chicago Skyscrapers". Chrome Folder. Joboul Publishing/Curteich. Unused.  EX+ slight corner wear. $4.50

#il25, [Chicago] "The Conrad Hilton, Chicago, Illinois". Linen. Curteich. Used, pm 1955.  EX+ slight corner wear. $3.50

#il36, [Chicago] "The Conrad Hilton, Chicago". Linen. Hilton. Unused.  EX+ very slight corner wear. $4.00

#il35, [Chicago] "Greetings From Chicago, Illinois"  Linen Folder. Cameo Greeting Cards/Colourpicture Publication. Unused. EX+ Slight corner wear. $6.50

#il37, [Chicago] "Chicago, Michigan Ave. Chicago Athletic Club and Montgomary Ward & Co. Building." Early Era. Tuck Series No 2206. Used, pm 1908.  EX+ slight corner wear. $8.50

#il74, [Chicago] View of Michigan Ave. Chrome. Cameo Greeting Cards/Coloruepicture Pub. P23059. Used, pm 1958.  EX+ slight corner wear and a small amout of postal ink on face. $3.50

#il55, [Chicago] "149   Conservatory and Fountain, Lincoln Park, Chicago   4A-H362" Linen. J. O. Stoll/Curteich. Used, pm 1939.  EX+ slight corner wear. $3.50

#il57, [Chicago] "Polar Bear Enclosure. Brookfield Zoo, Chicago   37    60800" Linen. Union News/Tichnor. Unused.  EX+ Very slight corner wear. $4.50

#il60, [Chicago] Edgewater Beach Hotel. Chrome. Hotel Corporation of Ammerica/Tichnor K--7608. Unused.  EX+ slight corner wear. $3.50

#il61, [Chicago] Edgewater Beach Hotel. Chrome. Hotel Corporation of Ammerica/Curteich  9C-K2125. Unused.  EX+ slight corner wear. $3.50

#il60, [Chicago] "Greetings from Chicago". Chrome. Cameo Greeting Cards/Colourpicture Publishers P5698. Used.  EX+ slight corner wear. $4.00

#il64, [Chicago] Basilica of Our Lady of Sorrows. Chrome. Artvue Post Card  146961. Used.  EX+ slight corner wear. $4.00

#il65, [Chicago] "Main Lobby  Congress Hotel and Annex, Chicago     Copyright 1907, by Geo. R. Lawrence, Co." Early Era. No 1498 V. O. Hammon Pub. Used, pm 1911.  EX with corner wear. $3.00

#il68, [Chicago] "697   Hull House, Chicago" Early Era.  Used, pm 1913.  VG+ some corner wear and writing on face. $4.00

#il76, [Chicago] Prudential Building. Chrome Cameo Greeting/Colourpicture Pub. P19175. Used, pm 1957.  EX+ slight corner wear. $4.00

#il77, [Chicago] "'The Biggest new entertainment event of the year.' - Life." Eitel's Palace Theatre. Chrome. Moss Photo Service. Unused.  EX+ slight corner wear. $4.00

#il84, [Chicago] "'The Biggest new entertainment event of the year.' - Life." Palace Theatre. Chrome. Shorecolor Co. Unused.  EX+ slight corner wear. $4.00

#il79, [Chicago] Buckingham Fountain. Chrome. Cameo Greeting/Colourpicture Pub. P267. Unused.  EX+ very slight corner wear. $4.00

#il81, [Chicago] Oak Street Beach. Chrome. Cameo Greeting/Colourpicture Pub. P9152. Unused.  EX+ very slight corner wear. $4.00

I have a large inventory of postcards so if you would like anything special,  e-mail me and let me know.

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