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How to Order:

1 - Write down the #'s and price of the cards that you are interested in. Email me that information and I will reply with a total and instructions on payment.

2 - I ship USPS First Class or Priority Mail.  Feel free to combine items to save on postage.

3 - Have Fun. Stop back.!!!

4 - Feel free to email me with any questions.

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#ga06, [Athens] "N-A-8:- The Only Double Barrelled Cannon in the World, Athens, Ga. 46568" White Border Linen.  Asheville Post Card. Unused NM Great corners. $2.50 (94) [Civil War]

#ga01, [Atlanta] "109 -- United States Penitentiary, Atlanta, Ga.   Photo By Edgar Orr.  5A-H1060" White Border Linen.  R&R News/Curteich.  Unused Mint $8.00 (94) [Jails/Prisons]

#ga12, [Atlanta] "Georgia Technical College, Atlanta, Ga.--13" White Border Linen.  R&R News/ECK 28698. Unused EX+ Very slight corner wear $3.00 [Colleges] HOLD

#ga07, [Atlanta] "101 -- Georgia State Capitol,Atlanta, Ga.   2A-H646" White Border Linen.  R&R News/Curteich.  Unused NM Sharp corners, very slight edge wear on lower part of the right edge $2.00 (94) [State Capitol]

#ga14, [Atlanta] "104 -- Terminal Station and Plaza, Atlanta, Ga.   6A-H2583" White Border Linen.  R&R News/Curteich.  Unused NM Sharp corners. $3.00 SOLD

#ga02, [Atlanta] "Confederate Memorial Monument on Stone Mountain, Atlanta, Ga. 109794" White Border Linen.  Imperial Postcard Co./C. T. American.  Unused EX+ very sharp corners, slight paper residue on lower left edge. $2.00 (94) [Civil War]

#ga03, [Atlanta] "Battle of Atlanta, Ga., July 22nd, 1864   5336" White Border Linen.  Imperial Post Card/C. T. American.  Unused NM Great corners. $2.00 (94) [Civil War]

#ga09, [Atlanta] "Pavilion and Cyclorama Building in background at Grant Park Atlanta, Ga.  OA3504" White Border Linen.  Imperial Post Card/C. T. American.  Unused NM slight corner wear. $2.00 HOLD

#ga05, [Atlanta] "Stone Mountain   Largest Solid Stone in the World, One Mile from Base to Summit, 16 Miles from Atlanta, Ga.   19870" White Border Linen.  Imperial Post Card/C. T. American.  Unused NM Great corners. $2.50 (94)

#ga04, [Augusta] "Confederate Monument, Augusta, Ga.--4" Linen. Kensella News/E.C. Kropp. Used EX Some corner and edge wear $2.00 (94) [Civil War]

#ga17, [Bainbridge] Palmer Motel Tara Restaurant. Chrome. Colorama. Unused NM Great corners $2.00 (94) [Motels]

#ga18, [Bainbridge] Tara Restaurant. Chrome. Colorama C--16629. Unused NM Slight  corner wear $2.00 (94) [Restaurants]

#ga08, [Byron] Byron Motor Inn. Chrome. G. W. Currey/Dexter Press   27193-C. Unused EX Some corner wear $2.00 (94) [Motels]

#ga16, [Columbus] Holiday Inn of Columbus. Chrome. Curteich. Used PM 1962. EX Some corner wear $1.50 (94) [Motels]

#ga19, [Columbus] St. Almo (Historical Residence) Linen. International Post Card Co. Unused. VG+ Some corner and edge wear $1.50 (31)

#ga21, [Macon] "Log Cabin Club, Macon, GA.  540-12" Early Era. No Publisher. Used pm 1914. VG corner and edge wear, stamp removed from back $1.50 (94)

#ga10, [Mount Berry] "Ford Group   Martha Berry School   Mount Berry Ga." Hand-Colored Linen.  Albertype. Unused NM Great corners. $5.00 (94)

#ga13, [Perry] "New Perry Hotel  --  Perry Ga.   8A153-N" White Border Linen. Courier-Journal Job Printing.  Unused EX, One very slight corner bend. $2.00 (94) [Hotels]

#ga15, [Perry] "AAA" Perry Court Hotel. Linen. L> L> Cook  E-9728.  Unused EX+, very slight corner wear. $2.50 (31) [Hotels]

#ga11, [Rome] "Statue of Romolus and Remus, with Mother Wolf, Rome, Ga.   4118-29" White Border.  Wyatt Book Store/C. T. American.  Unused NM Great corners. $3.00 (94)

#ga20, [Rome] "Broad Street, Looking North, Rome, Ga.   4124-29" White Border. Wyatt Book Store/C. T. American.  Unused EX+, Writing on back and a small x on the face, Great corners. $3.00 HOLD

#ga22, [Savannah] "Savannah Beach, Georgia's Most Popular Playground, Near Savannah,GA. --25". White Border. Coastal News. Used, PM 1939. VG, one chipped corner and corner wear. $2.00 (31)

#ga23, [Savannah] "Greetings from Savannah Military Camps". Linen folder. Coastal News. Used, PM 1942. EX+ very slight corner wear. $2.00 (31)

I have a large inventory of postcards so if you would like anything special,  e-mail me and let me know.

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